Amelia Boo Stories is a group created by Rebecca Merry to introduce and encourage a love of books and literacy to children at a young age. Rebecca is an early years specialist, Dramatherapist and mum of two. We use a variety of stories that are repeated on a cyclical basis. This helps the children to become familiar with the story songs, action/ movement, helping the children to feel confident in the session and encourages participation and learning. The sessions are very interactive encouraging children to be absorbed in the story to their full capacity. In the session the children will take part in action, songs, movement and games that are related to the text of the story, often with an emphasis on counting, animals, and other age appropriate learning. The group has been created to a high standard with the main emphasis on fun! Stories are brought to life using puppets, movement, song, developmental movement and sensory material which offers the children the opportunity to experience the story on many levels


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