Baby Drama

Emotional expression and communication classes for babies aged 6 weeks-18 months

What Baby Drama says

Baby Drama classes are drama and communication development classes for ages 6 weeks-18 months. ​ Our sessions are practical and explore the science behind the activities too. ​ We love play and we know that playing games help babies to learn about their world and develop their cognitive, physical and emotional skills. When children play, they laugh, and that is why our classes are filled with fun activities for you and your baby to enjoy! ​ All babies can communicate, we just have to help them and understand the ways in which they are communicating with us already. We work a lot on communication development, language acquisition, facial expressions, listening skills, pre-linguistic skills, bonding with baby and much more. We use lots of different music including original songs, classical music and nursery rhymes in different ways and they work to support the activities. We also use some props within our sessions, key baby sign and of course bubbles! There is also a Baby and You section at the end of every class!

Contact Details Kyle Grace 07471205541


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