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🌸Suitable from around 4 weeks old to crawling 🌸You will receive a baby massage leaflet on techniques being used during the 4 week course. 🌸Week 1 Baby Massage - Legs, feet covering reflexology, tummy which will cover a routine for wind colic and constipation. 🌸Week 2 Baby Massage - Chest, arm and hands also covering the techniques used in week 1. 🌸Week 3 Baby - face, head and back covering teething, also covering the techniques used in week 2. During the back massage tummy time will be covered. 🌸Week 4 All over body Massage and Sensory ideas which you are able to use at home with your baby after the baby massage course is finished. Baby Massage has some great benefits for you and your baby: 🍼Baby's Massage can help soothe and calm your baby 🍼It can help with colic and constipation 🍼It can help with teething pain 🍼It can help with colds and congestion 🍼It can help with baby's sleep. 🍼It can help with circulation of blood 🍼it can help irritable babies 🍼It improves weight and aids digestion. 🌸Baby Massage boost the circulation of blood, delivering nutrients to help strengthen muscles and joints. Skin contact stimulates the nervous system helping develop connection in the brain. 🌸Baby Massage offers a way to get to know your baby and to communicate how much he or she is loved and respected.Early positive interaction and responsive care is vital for babies, help them adjust to the world from the womb and enables you to fall in love with each other.

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