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What Can I Do For Myself For Mother’s Day?

Looking for ideas to have some well-needed self-care this Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day can be an exciting but potentially overwhelming day. Whether you are busy preparing something for your own mother or mother figure in your life, or hoping to celebrate as a mother or mother figure yourself, there can be pressure as well as excitement.

Adverts in shops and Instagram posts of perfect Mother’s Day lunches and expensive presents can put unrealistic expectations on families. It is important to look after yourself, so let’s look at some self-care tips!

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Ask Yourself – What Do I Need? Mother’s Day self-care ideas

As mums we can so often put our own needs last, we actually forget how to identify them! Take a few minutes to think, without any self-judgment, about what you want from your day. That could be a trip or lunch with your family, but equally, it could be a morning all to yourself. Tell yourself: whatever my mind and body need right now is the right choice.

Try Something Different

Not everyone craves bubble baths and long walks in nature (no matter what Instagram might have us believe!) How about some mindful colouring, watching a favourite old film, or throwing yourself a silent disco.

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Do Nothing

When was the last time you literally did nothing at all? Try it for ten minutes, just sitting still without your phone or any distractions, breathing in and out, noticing your surroundings. If you’re anything like us, for the first few minutes you’ll be desperate to start the washing up, but after that, the feelings of stillness and calm can be really, really powerful.

Why Is Self-Care Important For Mums?

Being a parent can be all-consuming, and when you take responsibility for another person’s needs – especially if that person is a baby or toddler – it’s easy to forget your own! But self-care isn’t optional, something you might squeeze in when you have a spare minute. It’s a really important practice for avoiding burnout, exhaustion and even depression. Even if it’s just remembering to take a few deep breaths after you’ve got out of the shower in the morning, it’s important to build moments of self-care into your routine.

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Self-Care Ideas For Mother’s Day – Look After Your Emotional Well Being

Maybe you find Mother’s Day tricky. If you have lost your own mum or for any other reason find the day emotional, make sure you take time for yourself, and talk to someone if you need to.

What Should I Get Myself For Mother’s Day?

Have a think about what you really want and go and treat yourself! Maybe something that goes beyond the usual flower arrangements or manicures. It could be something simple like requesting a lie in, or maybe something new to fuel your hobby, whether that be new herbs for your herb garden or some new supplies for your craft box. Maybe just try that new extra indulgent cake at your local café. Why not get a tub of your favourite body lotion, or some really nice stationery? Or maybe it is finding time to read a book from your “to read” pile.

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Whatever you decide to do, we wish you a happy Mother’s Day and hope you have a fun day while being able to find some time for you!

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