Dance Shack

High quality Dance classes for 3-18 year-olds + adults

What Dance Shack says

The Dance Shack way: The school’s aim is to encourage everyone as an individual to gain confidence in performing in the three main areas of dancing, acting, and singing. Through good teaching, grounded in solid technique, a student’s confidence is able to flourish. Every teacher at Dance Shack has been trained at a top performing arts school and, most importantly, will have worked professionally and extensively in the business. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE AT DANCE SHACK: our teachers have top-class, west-end experience in the professional theatre world. This maintains the highest standards and firmly roots the school in current working practices, giving students an understanding of the “real” performance world. We are very proud of our team, and students love the fact that they are learning from teachers who are still out there performing.

Contact Details Dance Shack 01372 805731


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