French Frogglers

Fun Online French classes for children aged 0 to 5 years

What French Frogglers says

Would you like your child to learn French from a young age in an entertaining and enjoyable way? Toddlerhood is the perfect age to start learning a new language. Young children do it naturally and effortlessly and, as they have powerful imaginations, they love learning in a fun and playful way. Learning a new language is also incredibly beneficial for stimulating our children’s brains and improving their creativity, and it also plays an important role in childhood development. The sensitive period for language development described by Maria Montessori occurs between birth until six years of age, when all children have an absorbent mind. During this period, they are naturally interested in learning the names for everything in their environment, making it the ideal time to easily learn, understand and speak a second language, and expand their vocabulary. ​ The children at French Frogglers will intuitively learn French through songs, simple stories, games, and interacting with a variety of puppets (including star puppet Frogouille!). They will learn vocabulary about a variety of topics. Each term will introduce a new topic, and learning colours and numbers will be implemented in each and every class.

French Frogglers

Fun Online French Classes for children aged 0 to 5 years

0 months - 5 years
Contact Details Cathie Little



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11:00 –11:30 French Frogglers
0 months - 5 years

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