Gentle Journeys

Gentle Journeys is for parents of children under 5, run by Psychologists

What Gentle Journeys says

Gentle Journeys is a service for parents of babies and toddlers age 0-5 years, run by Dr Zara Rahemtulla and Dr Kerri Walster, both Clinical Psychologists. Gentle Journeys is about supporting parents to feel confident about themselves and the way they raise their children. As psychologists we draw from attachment theory, neuroscience and respectful parenting principles. We want to help parents manage their own emotional well being and fully understand their child's communications so they can respond with knowledge and compassion.

One to one therapy session with a psychologist

Therapy sessions with a psychologist to support parents

0 months - 6 years

Respectful Parenting Coaching Session

Respectful Parenting Coaching Session - 1 hr

12 months - 6 years
Contact Details Zara Rahemtulla 07916311983


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