Imperfections & Reflections

I offer virtual mindfulness and mental well-being sessions for new mum

What Imperfections & Reflections says

I run virtual Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing sessions for new mums and their babes in arms. The next run of sessions starts in January. Each session includes an opportunity to breathe, move, create, meditate and let go so that by the end of a session mums will feel at peace, trusting and ready to face the world again. During the 90 minutes we: – use calming breathing techniques and guided meditations to help mums relax and still the butterflies. – explore mindful exercises to make mums feel more present and grounded enabling them to tune out the should do and should be chatter and instead be kind and compassionate to themselves while communicating more calmly with loved ones. – share mindfulness tools that are designed to support mums between sessions enabling them to revisit the feelings of calm amidst the chaos of new motherhood. – spend time with other new mums reminding them that they’re not alone in this transition and to help mums feel more confident in their new role as a mum. Over the course of 12 weeks we’ll explore 6 themes: Nurture, Emotions, Connections, Nourishment (of the body and mind), Healing and recovery, and Transformation.


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