Jo Warboys Therapy

A talking therapist and bodyworker offering support for all mums

What Jo Warboys Therapy says

Walk and talk talking therapy. The ethos behind walk & talk therapy is to move talking therapy & counselling out into the open. Making talking about how we feel with a trained professional as accessible as going to see a PT in a gym or chat to your hairdresser about your next hair do! We don’t have to be in crisis in order to seek support, mental wellness needs work and you deserve to feel supported during that journey. We already know that being out in nature (just being outside!) is beneficial, it calms us therefore sets the tone for talking therapy beautifully. My role is to create a safe, non judgemental space for you to feel listened to while you work through what you need to.

Virtual walk & talk talking therapy

Virtual 1:1 talking therapy while walking in one of our beautiful local parks



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