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Kids Classics makes Classical Music fun and exciting through interactive classes

What Kids Classics says

Kids Classics has been running in schools and in private classes for nearly 30 years, run by Marion Musry ALCM. There are two sections: the first is after-school drop-off classes for children aged 2 1/2-7 years old. The second is our "Adventures Series", run by Marion's daughter Hayley Weisz. These are baby and toddler with parent classes from 2months - 5years old. Classical music truly comes alive in these classes. In the 2-7 year old classes, children study one piece of beautiful classical music over a half term, analysing the piece by exploring musical instruments, features and theoretical concepts. In the baby classes, a multitude of classical music pieces are explored in each class, as the babies and toddlers are introduced to new sights, sounds and sensory experiences, whilst being introduced to orchestral instruments and theoretical music. These are highly interactive classes that make learning fun. At each stage and in each age group, key child developmental milestones are explored from across the board, to ensure that this is a cross-curricular, well-rounded and educational experience for every baby, toddler and child.

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Messina Avenue NW6

Messina Avenue London, Greater London NW6 4LE
9 months - 14 months
18 months - 3 years 11 months
9 months - 14 months

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