L'Danza Dance Academy

Never miss a chance to dance

What L'Danza Dance Academy says

L'Danza was established in 1995, specialising in pre-school dance, ballet, tap, streetdance & drama. Ages range from 18 months - 18 years!

Melody Movement

Introducing children to dance & movement

18 months - 4 years

Pre-School Ballet

Gentle introduction to ballet for little ones.

3 years - 4 years



Deli Nene miles

54 High Street Beckenham, Kent BR3 1AY
09:30 –10:00 Melody Movement
18 months - 4 years

Waterside Centre miles

26 Avenue Road South Norwood, London SE25 4DX
09:30 –10:00 Pre-School Ballet
3 years - 4 years

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