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Individual and group therapy for mums and mums to be

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Therapy for parents and parents to be
I am a relational therapist, which simply means I specialise in helping people improve their personal identity, their relationship with themselves and others, and enable individuals to express their feelings and needs in a more healthy way.

You may have been scrolling through countless counsellors' profiles and clicked on their websites hoping to find that person that's truly going to 'get you'; help you get your life back on track, and someone that will not just sit in front of you with a blank expression for 50 minutes (how frustrating!).

​Let's be honest, I can imagine whilst searching, you have seen most counsellors stating that they will offer you a 'safe, warm, non-judgmental and confidential space'. Yes, this is important, but you still may be feeling unsure as everyone is saying the same thing.

​As a counsellor, I pride myself in being down-to-earth, interactive, whilst not shying away from offering you the appropriate amount of challenge in a supportive way to enable you to start to make sense of the different experiences and distorted thoughts and beliefs that are causing you distress.

By working together we look at your past and current experiences, which will allow you to regain control of your life, uncover your own answers, set realistic goals and influence your ongoing life journey.

After working in various education and social care settings for many years, this has led to me having a particular interest in supporting stressed out parents who are experiencing low self-esteem, relationship issues, depression, parenting worries, family conflict and burnout. In addition, I provide regular supervision sessions to teachers and senior leaders. Click here to find out more information on this service.

Contact Details Latoya Henry 07365 736 917


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