Mini Drama

Action-packed, fun and engaging drama sessions

What Mini Drama says

At Mini Drama we recognise that children engage and work well when there is a clear objective or goal in sight as well feeling a sense of achievement (which naturally boosts confidence) - so all of our programmes whether in schools, nurseries our at our weekly sessions build towards an end product- a 'Mini Drama' be it a staged production or short film.

Pre-Minis Session

6-12 week drama courses

3 years - 4 years

Fun, Skillz & Gamez

A great way for kids to socialise, get physical, be creative, build confidence.

3 years - 7 years

Pre/Junior Mini's

6-12 week drama courses

5 years - 12 years



The Bridge Leisure Centre miles

Kangley Bridge Road Lower Sydenham, London SE26 5AQ
16:30 –17:00 Pre-Minis Session
3 years - 4 years

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