Rugby inspired Pre-school sports development

What Ruggerbugs says

RUGGERBUGS is an accredited, multi-award winning, fun and exciting sports development programme based around non-contact rugby for girls and boys, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness from an early age. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS has been innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field.


Run, Jump, Catch and Throw!

18 months - 3 years


Run, Jump, Catch and Score!

3 years - 4 years

Combined class

A class of combined age groups introducing the skills required for each age

18 months - 5 years


Run, Clap, Catch and Score!

4 years - 5 years
Contact Details Tara Peasey 01279 797 777


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