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Aqua Movers - Parent and child lessons are a fun packed 30 minutes where toddlers and parents /carers gain confidence, exploring and enjoying time together. Parents overcome anxieties whilst their little ones are acquiring those vital skills necessary for their journey to independent swimming. We utilise the whole pool area for games, songs, and circuits, Aqua Jems teachers have many techniques for encouraging early stroke development without your child even realising!

Aqua Movers -Toddlers is designed for children from approximately 18 months of age. As your child progresses and gains confidence and skills we encourage children to increase the gap between themselves and their parent in a sensitive child centred manner, appropriate for each individual child. Aqua Movers - Toddlers classes run with a maximum of 8 parents and 8 toddlers to ensure our skilled staff have the opportunity to give each pair the individual attention and teaching points most appropriate for their development. Once your toddler is happy and comfortable with and without a parent in the water we encourage children to move to Aqua Movers - Pre-School.

Aqua Movers - Pre-School sessions are designed for children 3-4 years old. Our caring, experienced staff are in the pool with the children providing direct support, instruction, praise and a little bit of crazy fun so parents can view the lessons comfortably from pool side. We have a maximum of 4 children to 1 teacher ratio, sometimes less if the needs of a child requires it. Aqua Jems is very keen to encourage children to progress happily but rapidly, and so if we feel a child has a swimming ability above that of their actual age we will always endeavour to accommodate their distinctive emotional needs in a higher group, ensuring every child gets the most out of every lesson. With this ethos and approach we find swimmers progress is accelerated and that we produce pupils of a very high standard.


Booking info & prices

  • Monthly Standing order : £48.50

Booking info & prices

  • Monthly Standing order : £48.50

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