The Parent Prep course is a 14.5-hour antenatal course

  • Sundays 09:30–11:30

Austhorpe Photography Springmead Drive, Garforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 1JW

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The course runs over 7 weeks and is split between labour and birth preparation, and practical baby care – ensuring that you feel confident, ready and empowered not only for the delivery of your baby but also for caring for them once they are here.

The first 3 classes focus on labour and birth. We spend our time talking through all three stages of labour in their entirety – incorporating early signs of labour, induction, breathing techniques, pain relief options, active birth, water birth, instrumental delivery (ventouse and forceps), caesarean section, the importance of the birth environment, practical things birth partners can do and the vital role they will play, massage techniques, third stage management, plus more practical things like what to include in a birth plan (and why you should have one) and what to pack in your hospital bag.

The next 3 classes focus on baby care, and everything you need to know once your baby is out and in your arms. This includes (but is not limited to) newborn appearance, the importance of the golden hour and the benefits of skin to skin, postnatal checks to expect for mum and baby, how to wash, change and dress your little one, home safety, sleeping, fourth trimester, winding, holding, crying, calming, and postnatal mental health

Your final class focuses on infant feeding. We’ll discuss different feeding choices in detail (breastfeeding, expressing, bottle feeding breast milk and formula), anatomy and physiology, hunger cues, latch and attachment (for breastfeeding), equipment needed, common challenges encountered, current guidance around weaning, and more.

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Booking info & prices

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Please contact the class provider for further information.


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