10:15–10:50 Fridays


For ages 0 months - 18 months


For ages 0 months - 18 months



St Mark's Centre

22 Greenwich South Street

SE10 8TY

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A sensory musical experience, stimulating babies through sound, touch, movement and colour as they sit, crawl, toddle and explore. Throughout our sessions we focus on the importance of touch and interaction between you and your baby as this connection is a vital part of babies emotional, physical and intellectual development. There is an emphasis on tickling, giggling, lying down, rubbing noses, singing, making your baby laugh, bonding and lifting the little ones in time to the music!


Friday 01 March 2019

Friday 08 March 2019

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Friday 22 March 2019

Friday 29 March 2019

Friday 05 April 2019