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  • Wednesdays 19:30–21:00

Watford Quaker Meeting House 150 Church Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 4QB

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NB: This event MUST be booked in advance. No drop-ins.

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Classes are booked in blocks of 6 weeks at a time and each class is an hour and half long. Classes are specifically for pregnancy and are carefully designed to carry you through from early pregnancy right up to your baby’s arrival. Over the course you will learn breathing techniques, positions and movements to help support you through your pregnancy, prepare you for labour and the arrival of your little one.
Every class ends with a lovely relaxation to allow you time to nurture yourself and bond with your baby. Classes are informal, light hearted, empowering, friendly and supportive.
The practice of pregnancy yoga is one of the best forms of exercise in pregnancy, it’s safe and gentle, supports you physically and emotionally during a time of huge change, and helps to promote a sense of well-being and confidence. Classes ensure that every individual gets the attention and support that they need allowing you time to bond with your baby.
Pregnancy yoga classes include:
Active birth positions and breathing techniques
Hypnobirthing style deep level relaxation
Pregnancy yoga classes focus on:
Easing common aches, pains and discomfort such as…..
Back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, swollen joints, carpal tunnel, heartburn and constipation, PGP/SPD
Encouraging an awareness of breathing and relaxation techniques
Helping you stay mobile
Spinal and pelvic alignment
Promotes awareness of the pelvis and pelvic floor
Preparing for an empowered birth
Community. Making new friendships, building a support network

Booking info & prices

  • Block of [enter a number]: £79.00

Booking info & prices

  • Block of [enter a number]: £79.00

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