A safe space for mums and dads to air their baby's sleep issues and get advice

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NB: This event only allows drop-ins if there is space available. Advance bookings are preferred.



Are you chronically sleep-deprived from your child's frequent wakings? Does it take forever to get your little one to sleep? Do they wake up every 45 mins to an hour? Are cat naps now normal in your home? Does this frustrate you as a parent?

As a mum, I understand first hand what it means for your mental health to be at risk because of a baby's lack of sleep. Anxiety, depression and lethargy is your new normal. This does not have to be your story, you can indeed get longer, restful sleep. But first, we need to get those tots sleeping! My job as a professional certified baby sleep consultant is to work with families using scientifically-backed, holistic approaches to provide sleep solutions. I support parents by giving them the confidence to trust in their intuition and ability to follow through to see full success, improving the overall wellbeing of the family

In this small group session (of 15 parents) you will learn
- The appropriate amount of sleep your child needs, and when they need it
- The importance of food and nutrition to baby's sleep
- Sleep environment and bedtime routines
- Consistency
- Tools necessary for sleep training success
- Sleep training does not equal cry it out. Gentler approaches are an option
- How affection during the day affects sleep
- Managing baby sleep with your routine

and more

Most of all, you get to ask about your specific sleep concerns and we will discuss them as a group in a safe space.


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  • Single Session: £19.99