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Acting and dance classes at Stages!

What Stages UK says

Stages UK was established in 2008 by Lyn Whiston, director and Amanda Lynch - her friend and colleague. Since that time, the company has expanded and developed it's many courses and workshops with wonderful support from staff, children and parents.

Move To The Music

Singing, dancing, musical instruments ... lots of fun

2 years - 4 years

Move with me

Yoga, mindfulness and movement for children and carers

2 years - 4 years

Drama Stage 1

Storytelling, acting out a story and games.

3 years - 5 years


Modern dance & drama

4 years - 6 years



Moon Lane Ink miles

300 Stanstead Road Forest Hill, London SE23 1DE
10:00 –11:00 Move To The Music
2 years - 4 years

St Hilda's Church miles

Brockley Road Honor Oak, London SE23 1PL
14:00 –15:00 Move with me
2 years - 4 years
15:45 –16:45 Fusion
4 years - 6 years

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