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Baby Signing is the use of signs and gestures to encourage babies and toddlers to communicate emotions, desires and objects prior to spoken language development. By combining speech with signs, language and communication skills are instilled as the child continues to develop their vocabulary.

About Clare Banham

Hello, I'm Clare Banham and I have been running signing classes in the area since 2017. I learnt to sign with my twin boys and loved it so much I ended up running classes. I wanted to learn to sign with my children to alleviate the frustration of them not being able to tell me what they wanted. It worked and we have two calm children who from a young age could communicate their needs and wants and share their knowledge with the extended family too. I have studied BSL Level 1 and 2.
We have 3 programme Signing Babies (5 months plus), Signing Toddlers (18 months plus) and Signing Talkers (2 years plus).
In each session we use BSL signs for everyday situations, each week is based on a topic such as food, family, colours, animals etc. You'll also learn to sign songs and nursery rhymes.

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St Paul's Church, St Albans
Blandford Road
St Albans
The Signing Company - Signing Talkers online (2 years - 5 years)
The Signing Company - online All age taster sessions (5 months - 5 years)
The Signing Company - Signing Toddlers online (18 months - 5 years)
The Signing Company - Signing Babies online (5 months - 5 years)

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Clare Banham