The St Michael Steiner School

An independent school delivering a holistic Waldorf education

What The St Michael Steiner School says

The principles that underlie all of our work at The St Michael Steiner School are also at the heart of our Parent and Child groups. These principles come out of observation of the developmental stages that children go through as they grow and a perception of what they need at each stage. Our groups work out of the understanding of the young child enhanced by the work of Rudolf Steiner as well as Emmi Pikler. With this in mind, our aim is to provide a supportive environment for parents and carers of young children and a nurturing one for the children themselves; this is reflected in the different groups we facilitate. Our most important task is to support you whilst you raise your children. We know that parents/carers of young children can sometimes feel exhausted and isolated during this often joyful, fulfilling stage of family life. There is an enormous ever-growing body of information and advice which can be very helpful, positive, practical and well-meaning. However, it is sometimes contradictory, overwhelming and at its worst consumerism/competition-driven. In our Parent and Child Groups we strive to offer balance, the opportunity to relax in nature, meet other parents or perhaps dabble in a simple seasonal craft. Or help with a little gardening, peruse the books and pamphlets on offer, whilst your children explore our garden or cosy hut, and play alongside or with each other.


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