The Warrior Method with Eliza Flynn

Postnatal movement to help repair and restrengthen your body

What The Warrior Method with Eliza Flynn says

There is nothing stronger than a woman who has rebuilt herself Having a baby is like going into battle. We have to be focused, it takes a toll on our mental and physical strength and without doubt, there will be blood. Our body goes through a lot and is totally different when we come out the other side. Our body has served us well but it can take a lot of getting used to; we may not be able to do the things we once so easily could, it’ll look different and it’ll feel different. And that’s amazing. These classes are all about getting to know our new body, feeling for our limits, challenging it and regrouping our mind and body. A bad personal experience at a post-natal fitness class led me to start up my own. My ethos is to provide safe fitness for mums and babies, in an environment which promotes friendship, confidence-building and fun. Society has led us to put pressure on ourselves to return to our ‘pre-baby’ body and we’re risking our health by jumping back into fitness before we’ve properly repaired our weakened muscles. There’s a lot of pressure on mums to feel like they have to ‘bounce back’ to their pre-baby body. Whilst I won’t guarantee your ‘old’ body back, I can promise you a body which is best equipped for long-term health and one which is prepared to help you lift, carry and move with your growing baby.

Fitness for new mums: Repair, Restore & Retrain

Strengthen from inside out and feel more confident in your body

1 month - 3 years

Mum Strong

Feel stronger in your body

2 months - 3 years
Contact Details The Warrior Method 07775 903057



Highbury Fields

Highbury Crescent London, Greater London N5 1AR
10:45 –11:45 Mum Strong
2 months - 3 years

Christ Church Highbury,

155 Highbury Grove London, Greater London N5 1SA
1 month - 3 years

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