Tiny Toes Music

Music and songs for babies and preschoolers

What Tiny Toes Music says

Tiny Toes Music is all about you and your baby and/or preschooler playing and making music in a group setting and enjoying the magic of being surrounded by live music. At Tiny Toes music, there is an ethos of enthusiastic participation in all singing and music making, although you do not have to have any musical skill at all! You are your little one's greatest influence, and as they watch and join in with you, you help to nurture their lifelong love of music and the arts which has so many wonderful benefits in life and education. Little ones love songs, rhythm and music and benefit greatly from a musical environment. Music affects the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of babies and children and strengthens cognitive and sensory development. But most of all, Tiny Toes Music is fun for all! Come and join us at Tiny Toes Music and be part of a community coming together to experience freedom of expression and joy through singing and creative music making in a very friendly, creative, lively and fun environment.

Contact Details Nicola Betts 07725534080


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