Zumbini with Clare

Zumbini is an early childhood development program

What Zumbini with Clare says

Created by Zumba and BabyFirst, Zumbini’s mixed-age music and movement curriculum features group sing-alongs, activities and musical instruments to keep children engaged and energised while learning. Zumbini is an early childhood development program focused on movement and music for children ages 0 to 4 years, to attend with their music-loving (Zumba loving!) caregiver(s). Class is fun, energetic, and full of contemporary music with world beats. It is child appropriate, grown-up friendly, and of course, full of the “zumba” flavor. Children learn to dance, sing, and move through class using their bodies, rhythmic instruments, and scarves, to enhance the rhythm and feel of the music. At Zumba Fitness the mission of this program is to introduce movement and music to children at a young age, so that it becomes a part of their life style. Families will enjoy singing and dancing together, in this fun environment, free from performance anxiety, but rich with engaging energy! In this class the parent or caregiver can spend time with their child, bond with their child, in a truly fun way, that they both enjoy.

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