9 Top Remedies For Leg Cramps During Pregnancy (From Experienced Mums!)

What are the best home remedies you can use to help with leg cramps during your pregnancy? We asked Team Happity!

Leg cramps are one of the most common occurrences during pregnancy. And we’ve all been there when you’re laid in bed at 3am with absolutely no chance of sleeping because your leg just aches so much.

What can we do to help prevent leg cramps during pregnancy? And what can we do to try and ease them when they occur?

Read on to find out what the mums at Team Happity advised!

1. Swimming, Yoga, And All Kinds Of Movement

Leg cramps during pregnancy  -  image shows a pregnant woman holding her bump while sitting on a stepladder in a pool

One of the things that the majority of parents on Team Happity suggested was being active. Movement (especially swimming!) helps to gently move the muscle and ease out some of the locked-up tension. While it’s difficult to get moving sometimes while you have a leg cramp, it should start to get better the more you move around.

2. Bananas – Relieving Leg Cramps During Pregnancy


Yes, your read right. Bananas! A couple of people on our Team said that Bananas (or, more specifically, potassium) was meant to be good for leg cramps. We did a little digging, and according to Harvard Health, it’s true! Bananas are not only full of potassium, but magnesium too (another ingredient that’s good for leg cramps!). They also suggested eating leafy greens like kale and black beans.

3. A Nice Warm Bath

leg cramps during pregnancy - image shows a woman laid in a bath, her feet peeking out of the water, while she reads a book.

Not hot, not cold, but nice and warm. Baths are always recommended for those who have muscle aches and pains, and it’s no different for those mums struggling with leg cramps. Get out the bubble bath, light up a candle or two, and sit yourself in the bath for half an hour (or more).

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4. Get A Chair That’s Sturdy & Upright (And A Stool!)

leg cramps during pregnancy -image shows a pregnant woman holding her bump while sat in a chair with a firm back.

Good back support can do wonders when you’re struggling with cramps. Which is a shame, because we all love to crash on a sofa after a long day! But if you’re struggling with leg cramps during pregnancy, then this might be a great alternative for you.

“I bought a cheap cocktail chair from TK Maxx that was sturdy and upright with a foot stool,” said Lisa T, Happity’s Head of Customer Support & People. “A slouchy sofa was so painful. I still have that chair and love it!”

5. Magnesium – Relieving Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

image shows different food types that are filled with magnesium.

Magnesium is often recommended for all kinds of cramps, as it plays a role in neuromuscular transmission and muscle contractions. A member of our team suggested that supplements and also bath salts worked wonders for her leg cramps. 

There isn’t a ton of evidence to support this theory, but we’d definitely encourage you to get in touch with your GP to find out what they think. And if they don’t think it will help, they may be able to suggest a good alternative. Remember, we’re not health professionals – we’re just parents who were looking for pain relief when we were pregnant!

6. Wear Shoes With Good Support

image shows a woman's feet surrounded by lots of different shoe types.

If you start finding that you’re getting unshakable leg cramps during your pregnancy, then it would be a good idea to look into whether your shoes are offering the right amount of support. Flat pumps and flip-flops can strain your calf muscles and make your cramps even worse. Opt instead for shoes with a slight heel.

7. Include More Salt In Your Diet

image shows a variety of foods that are high in salt.

One of the reasons you may be experiencing more cramps in your leg is a lack of salt in your diet. While too much salt in your diet can be unhealthy, it is also needed for your body to function properly. Sodium is vital to regulate fluid balance in the body, and often athletes are encouraged to make sure they eat enough salt as leg or muscle cramps can occur for them too!

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Consider pregnancy an athletic sport. If you think you may be lacking salt in your diet, try including a bit more.

8. Elevate Your Leg

image shows a pair of legs elevated by a footrest/cushion.

This is in general the advice given to most people when they have aches and pains. Elevating the muscle that’s in pain reduces swelling and helps to relax the area. If you’re sitting down for long periods, then try to elevate the cramping leg while you’re doing so.

9. Drink Lots (And Lots) Of Water!

image shows a woman drinking from a water bottle.

With most health issues, the answer tends to be drinking more water. It’s surprising how many issues can find relief by making sure you’re drinking TONS of water and staying hydrated throughout the day.

If You Start To Experience Severe Stomach Cramps, Consult Your GP.

leg cramps during pregnancy - image shows a doctor holding a stethoscope to a pregnant woman's baby bump.

While aches and pains are normal through pregnancy (your body is going through an awful lot during this time!), our recommendation if you start to experience stomach cramps is to consult your GP or midwife. While it might be nothing, the area is a sensitive one during this period, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Disclaimer: We have researched and included robust sources to provide information in this article. However, we are not health or medical professionals and you should always seek medical advice if you are worried about your baby’s health.

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