summer food for kids

Super summer food ideas for kids

Posted on 19 Jul, 2022.

Summer’s here – and if your kids are anything like ours – they’ll spend a lot of it asking for snacks! So we’ve put together some fab and easy summer food ideas that kids will love. Some are super easy and you can chuck together in minutes. Others take a bit more prep but are showstoppers for a family picnic or barbecue. Enjoy!

Watermelon pizza

watermelon pizza - summer food for kids

A real showstopper snack that takes minutes to make. Simply slice a watermelon and add lots of different toppings – such as berries, chopped fruit, mint leaves etc. Cut into triangles for pizza slices that will go down a treat on a sunny day.

Cucumber boats

summer food ideas cucumber boats

Cute and refreshing as a summer snack. Cut chunks of cucumber and then slice in half. Then cut a thin slice almost to the end – this acts as the boat sail. Scoop out the flesh and add your filling. This could be hummus, peanut butter, tuna and pepper mayo, cream cheese and chives…whatever takes your fancy. Pop a cocktail stick to hold up the ‘sail’ to finish.

Sweet summer fruit wands

watermelon fruit kebabs

The kids can enjoy helping you create these sweet wands. Cut slices of watermelon and use a cookie cutter to make star shapes. Thread onto a kebab skewer and thread lots of berries to make the handle. Ta-dah! Fruity magic.

Frubik’s cubes

cubed fruit summer snack idea kids

A bit of a faff to prep but for a showstopper that will get everyone talking – it’s worth it. The Rubik’s Cube is having a bit of a revival right now. Fans will love these Frubik’s cubes! To make first cut squares of different types of fruit. Then line then up in three rows of three and build layers to make a cube.

Summer food ideas for kids – Happy pizza people

pizza faces summer food

Put a smile on your child’s face (and in their tummy too) with these cute pizza faces. Make pizza dough and cut into circles. Top with tomato sauce and cheese and then add veg to make the details of the face – here we used olives for eyes, a cherry tomato for the nose, slices of pepperoni and pepper for the smiles and ham and herbs for hair! Bake for 10-12 minutes, until golden.

Fruit pops

summer food ideas for kids - fruit ice lollies

Your child will love helping you make your own fruity ice pops. You can simply fill a mould with orange juice and slices of orange or whizz up strawberries and ice in a blender and pour in. There are loads of fab recipes you can try out here.

Watermelon lollies

watermelon lollies summer food

The quickest and easiest way to produce a refreshing summer snack! Just slice watermelon, cut into triangles and pop on lolly sticks. Easy peasy!

Celery sliders

celery sliders

Another quick and easy summer snack that takes minutes to prepare and will fill hungry tums. Slice celery and fill the groove with a filling of your choice. You could try egg mayo, tuna mayo, cream cheese, coronation chicken or any other filling you desire. Top with cress or grated carrot or cheese.

Brandy snap baskets

brandy snap basket

A super pretty summer pud in minutes. You can but ready made brandy snap baskets. Fill them with a scoop of ice cream and top with berries and shavings of chocolate. You could also fill with a mixture of strawberries and cream.

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summer food for kids

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