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Kickstarter Job Opportunities with Happity

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Are you 16-24 years old and currently unemployed? If so we’ve got some great Kickstarter Job Opportunities with Happity for you! Please see below.

If you’re over 25 but would like to join team happity please register for our jobs updates here.

Kickstarter Job Opportunities with Happity

As part of the UK Governments Kickstart Scheme, we have exciting opportunities for young and passionate team players to join our team at Happity!

We are super excited about this opportunity. It means we can help some amazing young people get experience> And that they can help us help even more babies and new parents in beating loneliness!

To be eligible you must be 16-24yo and currently on Universal Credit.

We have a few roles available, and if you are keen please pick a role, pop it in an email subject and get in touch with a cover letter and CV at [email protected]

Marketing & PR Assistant

Happity requires a Marketing & PR Assistant to support our mission to ensure all parents and providers across the UK have heard about Happity! 

  • Blogs, Backlinks & SEO
  • Newsletters & Press Releases
  • Supporting Social Media
  • Marketing Campaigns

Sales & Marketing Assistants

Happity is keen to introduce Sales & Marketing Assistants across the UK to be on the ground letting parents and providers know about how we can help them. 

  • Market to Providers locally
  • Market to Parents locally
  • Engage with local stakeholders
  • Set up local Marketing packages & Partnerships

Customer Support Assistant

As Happity is growing, the number of customers requiring support grows! We pride ourselves on good, friendly and quick communication. To help and support our class providers.  

  • Answering Queries
  • Helping to on-board Providers
  • Creating Help Articles

Sales & Development Assistant

As we grow across the UK more opportunities come our way to work with brands. We love working with other brands and this new role will mean we can work with more!

  • Contacting potential brand partners & those that want to advertise on Happity
  • Selling marketing packages
  • Managing brand partnerships
  • Creating marketing materials for our brand partners

If one of these roles is for you, and you qualify for the Kickstart Scheme please do get in touch at [email protected] with which role you are applying for along with your cover letter and CV.

A bit more about why Sara and Emily set up Happity, and why we are now taking on Kickstarters:

Emily struggled with severe PND after the birth of her son 6 years ago. She went from being a confident, outgoing, successful career woman (she was at innocent smoothies at the time) to a new mum too scared even to have coffee with her closest friends. She’d totally lost her identity and my confidence. She hid herself away, but of course this only made things worse.

As she started to get better she started to look into PND as Mental Health wasn’t something that has previously been on her radar. She found that loneliness is a huge factor in PND in new parents, and so she decided to find a way to reduce loneliness in new parents – as with so many parents around it seems crazy that we are pretty much all (93%) lonely at some point each week! She set up a different app which built a community of mums prior to Happity. 

At the same time, Sara was having her second child. She too was lonely and wanted to do something about it. Her hubby took paternity leave and she trained in programming, setting up the beginnings of Happity we know today!

A couple of years ago the stars aligned and they came together – bringing Emily’s passion for helping parents maintain mental wellness through community, and Sara’s passion to make it easier to find what’s going on locally for new families whilst supporting providers (who are mostly parents) in their own flexible business.

Happity is the UK’s biggest, and only exclusively baby & toddler class finding and booking platform. We have over 100k unique users, 600k page views, and 200k searches per month and growing rapidly!

Happity connects parents through baby & toddler classes with the aim of ending loneliness in new parents. It’s the place to go when it’s 7am, the day is stretching out ahead of you and you want to connect with other parents near you whilst helping your baby to develop. Parents can simply pop in their postcode, age of their child to search and book thousands of classes on

But we are so much more than a class finding system. We also support parents’ mental wellbeing through monthly expert chats with Clinical Psychologists and other Experts as well as campaigns such as #shoutieselfie to get people talking about MH. We also spent much of the pandemic campaigning the governement to ensure baby & toddler classes could continue – the govt wanted them to but they hadn’t put in place the correct legilsation or communicated it with EHOs. In fact we were nominated for a Parlimentary Award alongside Marcus Rashford and others for our work in supporting new families during Covid which was very exciting!

It’s a hugely exciting time for Kickstarters to be joining Happity. After each lockdown we have grown more, our main competitor closed in the summer, and we are currently fundraising. We have huge plans – we need to solidify our now UK wide brand (Covid took us UK wide as we got 32k classes online to help families stuck at home) and now we need to ensure in-person classes are available to every family across the UK. 

We are on track to have over 1m parents use Happity this year, and we are investing in our team, our systems, and our marketing to ensure we go from strength to strength as well as working with Andrea Leadsom and other Government official to hopefully hook up with childrens centres etc.

We support all classes – from paid sports classes, to free music classes, to community support groups. We keep our prices low so that no group is excluded, with listings free for all, and membership free to charity and community groups. 

We absolutely love what we do. So much so that Sara and Emily have taken no salary all of 2020/21 so far so we could keep our small team going whilst we had pretty much no revenue. We know that we are a lifeline to our team, the providers who use us to remove admin stress, and the parents who rely on classes each week to meet and build their community. Without us continuing last year, new parents right now would be lost. So it was important to us that Happity survived the storm!

We currently have 9 roles available but plan to add more as we grow. You can find details of these above.

We hope to keep many of the Kickstarters we employ working for Happity after the 6 month placements, and even if we can’t keep them all we are looking to have them continue promoting Happity via our referral system which would ensure for further referrals they make they can still make some much needed money!

So if you are (or know someone who is) keen to work for an up & coming young, female led, flexible and remote working company that is hugely vibrant and supportive we would love you to hear from you!

If one of these roles is for you, and you qualify for the Kickstart Scheme please do get in touch at [email protected] with which role you are applying for along with your cover letter and CV.

Find out more about Happity and what we do here.

You can also read our blog to discover more about what we do

Mum of one, co-founder of Happity, mental health advocate

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